Born to two military parents in the small town of Centerville, Georgia in 1982, I was always a very introspective and independent child.  I am the product of two different worlds:  My Mother, a Major and Head Nurse who's devout religiosity influenced my own.  And my Father, an enlisted aircraft mechanic who graduated from the school of hard knocks and taught me the meaning of "principle." 

My world view is greatly influenced by the extensive travel afforded me as a military brat.  My formative years were spent in Georgia, Guam, Michigan, South Carolina, and California.  After moving back to Georgia,  where I graduated High School in 2000, I attended Valdosta State University.  Four years later I graduated with a BFA in Speech Communication and three years later moved to Tampa, Florida.  Although I consider Georgia my home-area, when asked where I'm from, I will often reply:  "I'm from everywhere and nowhere."

After several years of struggling to discover my path, I moved to Seattle, Washington in 2009 and landed a job as an HIV and Sexual Health Counselor.  This move afforded me the opportunity to enroll in the Social Work program at the University of Washington and graduate with my MSW in 2013.

In 2014 my partner and I received our Sexological Bodywork Certification and ventured into the land of entrepreneurship. We work as Sex and Erotic Coaches helping people, through hands-on exploration and somatic education, find healing and freedom within their bodies and sexuality void of shame, guilt, judgment, and fear. Check us out at Spiritual Eros.

Throughout it all, my life has been precariously situated at the fulcrum of race, sexuality and spirituality.  I’m black in a mostly white world; gay in a mostly straight world; and spiritual in an increasingly unspiritual world.  And where all those worlds intersect is where you will find me. This is my “Life at the Intersections.”

Enjoy the site!